Why won't Verizon assist? Do I need to contact an attorney?

I purchased the iPhone XR under a promotion near the end of June 2021, where essentially the phone would be free after 24 device credits.  Upon receiving the phone and activating, I was getting a ton of horrible texts/calls on this new number.  I consulted with a Verizon rep and decided to just change the mobile number.  I then called in and asked if I could do a device swap (keeping both devices active, but just changing which number they are assigned to within Verizon) and an agent assisted me in completing this request.

I later received emails saying I would be charged the full cost of the phone ($499.99) if I did not activate the phone.  Well, it was activated and being used on my Verizon line!  So I called in again, and after a lengthy conversation the rep said she found the issue and attached the device agreement and promotion to the correct line and I would not see this issue again.  The "Next Bill" estimates even reflected me receiving the proper device credits.

Now I get my most recent bill and the entire cost of the phone is being charged to me.  If I try to ask in chat, they are condescending and unhelpful to say the least.  I'm literally sick to my stomach over this issue, this has stressed me too far and I'm just lost on who I can turn to for help, since Verizon Wireless agents seem to have no desire to actually get this issue resolved.  I need help or this will start to affect my credit, as I'm certainly not paying the full price of the phone when I did nothing wrong!  Should I contact my local news about "Making It Right?", do I need to involve my attorney?  At what point will Verizon take this seriously and help me out?

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Re: Why won't Verizon assist? Do I need to contact an attorney?
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An attorney would only fleece you out of much more money than an older iPhone is worth. Google Verizon executive relations and contact them.

Re: Why won't Verizon assist? Do I need to contact an attorney?

It’s a little late to try to access the terms of the promotion. But most likely it required that you purchased the phone on a new phone line and that you keep that new phone line active with your new promotional free phone on it in order to receive credits every month for the full 24 months. I can’t quite tell from your post if you just change the number, or if you move the installment to an existing line. If it was the latter, that would have voided the promotion.   

it’s really important when engaging in these promotional phone purchases to read all of the material and make sure you understand it. All of the fine print is available on the sales page through a link. Most of them require that you keep the phone on the new line for the full term of the installment in order to receive credits making a phone free or discounted.