Wi-Fi grayed out after OS Upgrade

Please assist on this matter… After upgrading my iPhone 4s IOS 5.1 to IOS 6.0, my Wi-Fi is now grayed, out and I am unable to re-activate the setting.  I backed up my phone via iTunes, and restored the device back to original settings (so is seemed it tried to do that.)  However that feature did not work.  I also tried the 10 minute freezer trick. That trick failed as well.  Please assist on this.  Thanks

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Re: Wi-Fi grayed out after OS Upgrade
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Hi Syrkrasi. Not sure what the "freezer trick" is, but it sounds like you've tried as hard as possible to get the WiFi back up and running. I did some research on Apple's site and found many customers who came across this trouble were able to resolve it by resetting the phone http://bit.ly/uBfksa to bring back the WiFi capability. Then completing the initial activation http://bit.ly/zdzCHH through WiFi instead of connecting through iTunes. 

Keep me posted if you need further assistance.
Thank you

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