Wi-fi calling

I'm seeking insights on how to keep Wi-Fi calling solidly connected from my iPhone XR to my home wi-fi.

Here's the issue: I have an iPhone XR--and 3 other family members have iPhones as well. A few weeks ago, my Verizon signal levels dropped significantly in the house. That's the case on all the phones in the house. Speaking with Verizon support, they had me enable Wi-Fi calling on my iPhone to compensate for this issue.

The problem is that the phone does not stay connected via Wi-Fi calling to the home Wi-Fi. It is intermittent as to when and for how long it stays connected to Wi-Fi calling.

Here are observations/questions:

-I'm using the phone 3 feet from my home Wi-Fi router. My Wi-Fi signal is thus plenty strong and my internet connection is excellent: 600+ Mbps.
-I sometimes see the "VZW Wi-Fi" indication in the upper left corner of the iPhone home screen. But often I do not. To be more detailed: if one swipes down to reveal control center on the iPhone, in the upper left corner there are the signal strength bars and then either the word "Verizon" or the words "VZW Wi-Fi." I'm assuming that the phone is only using Wi-Fi calling when that "VZW Wi-Fi" indication is showing.
-When I have the "VZW Wi-Fi" indication, I am able to successfully make and receive calls. When I do not, I have intermittent success with calls, due to the poor cell signal in my home office.
-At no time do I ever have more than one or two bars of cell signal strength in my home office.
-I have observed this same intermittent connection to Wi-fi calling with other iPhones in the house.

If I cannot get Wi-Fi calling to reliably be the preferred connection for my iPhone, I need to explore a different cell service provider. (I've also received and tried Verizon's loaner LTE Extender. That did not solve the problem--but that's a different issue for a different thread.)

So, does anyone know how to force the iPhone to prefer and stay connected to Wi-Fi calling?

Thanks in advance for any help offered.


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