WiFi blocking text messages
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A few months ago I started having trouble with individual and group message texting at my home. I have 10 lines on my account and the only time the other lines have the same issue is when they are at my home. Half of these lines are iPhones and the other half are android phones. The messages will not send or sometimes it will say it didn’t send but the person I’m texting will say they actually did receive and sometimes they will receive it twice. If I turn WiFi off the message will go through. Why is WiFi all of a sudden blocking text messages at my home?

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Re: WiFi blocking text messages
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I have had this problem but with my Android (GS8). At work, I didn't receive text messages and also didn't realize for a while I wasn't getting calls either. I think it has something to do with the network at my office not allowing inbound communication even though the wifi calling icon was on.