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Originally did a chat and when I got a confirmation of my order it was all messed up, different plan and wrong phone.  So after 2 hours on chat with her to finalize order and 4 other phone calls to try and clear up, we decided to go into a Verizon store to get things straightened out. 

Well they called shipping as we had refused the incorrect order and they in fact did get the phones back and she disconnected the incorrect account.  Said we have to wait about 5 days to come back in so we can use our trade in phones on our other account.

So the gentleman at the Verizon store told me that the plan for start would not qualify us for the $800 rebate, needed 5G Play more to get it and then he said well when you come back in next week bring in those chat notes. 

I understand from other people that the online prices can be different from the stores, but now wondering if they are going to honor the chat notes that I have for all the price quotes she gave me, which was $800 credit on the Iphone 11 Pro 256 for the Iphone 13 Pro 256, and for my husbands Iphone 8 going to Iphone 13 mini with a $400 trade in credit. And these would both be on the 5G Start Plan.

Thank You for any help

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Re: Will In Store honor chat quote
Customer Service Rep

Hi, there! Starting up service should be an exciting process! To learn it's been less than that for you is unsettling. I do understand you're looking to take advantage of an up to $800 trade-in promotion. Are you also referring to a switcher rebate for a gift card? Regarding the trade-in, I see do have a promotion going on which began 6/14/2022. For clarity, when did you place your initial order? Did you complete a trade-in submission for the trade-in devices already?