Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced!!!!
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I bought a iPhone 13 in late October. The day after I purchased it I called them back because I wanted to exchange it for a different color. The sales rep said he’d order it and for me and to wait until he reaches out to me to activate it. I called and emailed him for 2 months with no response while the phone I ordered sat in their store. He finally contacted me and said he was in a really bad car accident. I showed up to the store only for them to tell that I can’t exchange my phone because it was longer than their 30 day return policy. All that I was offered was a phone case to make up for the inconvenience. The only reason it was over the 30 day policy was because they told me to wait until they called me to pick it up. I did everything right on my part and because the store did not contact me to get my phone I’m the one who gets punished . The store obviously knew their employee was going to be out of the office yet no one there contacted me to pick up my phone. When I asked where it was they said they sold it to someone else. I have been a Verizon customer for almost 20 years and have never felt so undervalued as a customer. I even spoke to the manager who promised he’d call me over a month ago and never has. If this issue is not resolved I will post my experience to every social media account I have as well as take this to small claims court!

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