Worst fumble yet
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I’m not even sure where to start. I guess the beginning. 
Purchased iPhone 14 pro, via upgrade and trade in of old iPhone 12. ($800 trade -in deal offer) on Jan 1st. Order doesn’t get processed till the 5th, opted in for in-store pickup, they fail to have it available on day they tell me to pick it up… so I call customer service, they try to find me a new location to pickup. After several locations to no avail, the agent accidentally cancels the order. So now they have to place a new one, and then deliver it to me. Because of the cancellation, I go through several hoops to regain my $800 trade in value for the new order, because apparently the deal expired in between their hiccup. They try to offer me $400 instead… they must be joking I tell them and after several escalations they finally agree to honor their original offer…

Thinking all is well and I just have to wait for my new phone to ship, since picking it up is too much coordination for them to handle… i check the tracking number to see how much longer this simple upgrade is going to take… it’s the 10th by now… low and behold, even after specifying my change of address, they still end up mailing it to the wrong address, my old one. I attempt to intercept it, and yea… another long story. 
the package eventually arrives at the proper address a few days later… 

excited, it’s finally here right? Well no. After backing up, following every single direction to the T, the phone won’t activate with my number. 
fast forward two weeks of verizon calls, visits, tech calls, teir 2 tickets and frustration, they find out that they have to deprogram some security lock on find my iPhone, because the old iPhone 12 I’m trading in, is an Asurion clnr replacement for a stolen phone that my number is attached to… blah blah blah, they say teir 2 can fix it and that they’ll reach out in 7-10 days with an update and instructions to finally merge my number with the new 14pro that’s been useless to me all month. 
well instead they ghost me and when I call and get transferred to tier 2, 11 days after their screwup, they say hello and  hang up! I try again, the same thing happens!!! Like the call drops as soon as I’m transferred. By this time I’m furious and post to Verizon’s Twitter, then post on Reddit, and other message boards hoping to get some kind of answer/resolution. I even go into the Verizon app and try and get help via their dumb chat box. 

someone calls me and leaves a voicemail, I listen to it and follow the prompts to activate my phone, thinking they finally solved it, and BAM, they fail to sync my number with my new phone AND manage to de sync my number from my old phone ALL IN ONE FELL SWOOP…. I NOW HAVE TWO USELESS BRICKS FROM APPLE THAT VERIZON BROKE. And getting in touch with anyone with Verizon on the phone is at this point as appealing as blowing my brains out. Thanks for nothing guys. Just fix and reimburse me for my month of agony. I can’t work now until some poor guy at some Verizon store has to deal with my two useless iPhones and get one of them to make and accept calls. 

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