Worthless on Big Sur or what?

Hey, so I'm attempting to use Verizon Cloud with Mac OS Big Sur and first of all, when will a desktop app come out that will fix all these issues?  I am forced to use the browser version of Verizon Cloud and nothing is working.

Attempting to upload 80G of music files.  I want to use the Cloud server as backup for my actual music files. Don't need to play them, don't need to even look at them.  It's server storage in this case.

First of all, how do I upload 8K files into the queue at once?  The browser will only accept say 500 at a time, but here's the real cincher:  the website logs me out after a certain duration of "inactivity" (apparently uploading hella music files is "inactive"?) and I can only get 300 files or so uploaded without logging in again.  And to make it even better, the files aren't uploaded in order, so who knows which of the batch successfully uploaded and which didn't?  This is not working.

How does a Big Sur operating system upload 80G of files to the server for storage?  

Also, this is a huge alert to me that probably when/if I need to download those files in the future, there's going to be no way to download 80G in a batch.  I'm trying to delete the 6G of files I've uploaded so far and there's no browser-based method for batch deletion I can research on the internet either.  

Probably having some sort of desktop app for Mac OS Big Sur users would fix this.  Not keen on paying for a service that's not useable right now.

Re: Worthless on Big Sur or what?
Customer Service Rep

tk1908, making sure you are able to seamlessly backup your music files is important.All of your feedback is truly appreciated and we will forward your concern. Allow us the opportunity to further review the details. Can you please clarify if you are having trouble uploading your music files error message, does not backup)? Alos, what happens when the site signs you our due to "inactivity"? Does the backup stop? 


Here is a helpful link https://www.verizon.com/support/knowledge-base-126146/ to view the steps on how to manage your music files.