Would like to get an Ipad

Have been reviewing google and past Verizon posts regarding getting an ipad with verizon handling the data for several hours.  I'm confused with all the information available - perhaps somebody is doing the same thing I want to do and can give an explanation I can understand before I plop down over $1,000.00?.....


Currently on Verizon plan single smartphone 5 gb plan for about $70.00 a month.  I normally have carry-over data each month, but I use it for twitter, facebook, google, etc.  I am retired, so I do not need it for any work related jobs.  Interested in watching some news shows, some gaming and such.  Being retired and on Social Security and can't afford a 100 Gb  a month 5G plan......any help - there are dozens of plans and I don't want to get trapped in a plan where somebody is going to say.."Oh, you should have chosen THIS plan or THAT plan" later on.  Looks like the Ipad will come with Apple TV, so would like to check out some of the shows on a 12.9" pro. 

Thanks for the read.......can you help?...


PS - am in the country (emu, pigs, goats, horses, chickens next door!) where ethernet connection is not available so WIFI is not in the picture.


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Re: Would like to get an Ipad
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Apple TV isn't really a convincing selling point. When I had the free year trial, it was more a hub to add existing subscriptions I was already paying for. For me, it offered nothing since my smart tv already had built in apps for Hulu, Netflix, Disney+ etc. 

Personally I'd look into a wifi only tablet from Apple, Best Buy, Target, Costco etc. It's less expensive than the cellular models and you can still connect to Verizon data using your phone's hotspot.

Re: Would like to get an Ipad
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We can certainly help clarify any questions you may have. Were there any plans in particular that caught your attention?

Re: Would like to get an Ipad
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They stated they have no wifi so a non data tablet will be useless at home.   Friend here out in the county in same boat so pays for one of the verizon devices to get internet and connects computer and mobile devices through that and takes it with them in the RV.