Wow, quickly went from excited to have Verizon to super super SUPER upset about the “customer service”, the lies, the rudeness, and being hung up on
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I’m new to Verizon. I was excited to switch over after being a Straighttalk customer for over a decade. 

2 months into being a customer with Verizon, I decided to upgrade my work capabilities and get an iPad. It was a pretty big decision for me as I’m fairly old school and prefer pencil and paper. 

I attempted to order it online, but the system wouldn’t process the next page to get to payment so I called the customer service line on the sales department. The person helped me and I got my order in yay! I then received an email saying I need to “agree to the terms” etc (which I had already done…) so I click the link and it doesn’t work. I tried numerous times between the link and automated system. No luck.

I called customer service back and after hours on the phone was told that the only way to resolve this is to cancel the order and order again. Ok. So I went through the entire process again and placed another order. Great I should be all set right? Nope! I then get a call saying I need to talk to the fraud department because I “cancelled an order and tried to order the same thing again”. Ummm ok so I spoke to the fraud department for a couple hours while they figured that out. 

So I should be all set now? NOPE! I looked at the email confirmation and they ordered the wrong color and added multiples of the accessories (such as 2 pencils, two keyboards etc) 🤦🏻‍♀️ So I called customer service back…. Again.

After speaking with someone for hours they informed me the only way to resolve this is to cancel the order and put in a new order. …. Ok so hours later I get yet another order for the same thing again.

Now I should be all set, but NOPE! My email confirmation for shipment showed my newest order of just the iPad I wanted, along with the order with an iPad along with all the multiples of accessories being sent to me on my account. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

I call yet again. Hours and hours of being on the phone with them they said they can cancel the wrong order and send me only the correct one. I’ll get it Tuesday at the latest and everything is all set.

…… when I checked the order again I saw that they canceled the order I wanted and the order with the iPad and all the duplicate accessories are being sent to me…..

Again, I call and again I’m on the phone for hours and again they say the only way to fix this is to cancel it and re order…

Ok, so we do that. Re order the same thing yet again, and when I asked politely to speak to a manager they dodged the question. I was surprised because I thought Verizon would be better than Straighttalk….. I’ve been wrong before though….

I’m told that they will provide expedited shipping so I still receive my order Tuesday. I will see the tracking number for shipping in an email by end of day.

Tuesday comes and no tracking number. I call again, and the person tells me that there aren’t any in the warehouse so that’s why it didn’t ship, but I will get a tracking number in an email by end of today and should have a t Wednesday. I kindly ask for a supervisor and the customer service representative HANGS UP ON ME!!!!!!!! I was not rude in my tone, I did not speak loudly or say anything rash, all I asked for politely was a manager.

Of course I call again and after explaining I was hung ip on by someone the representative said she would look into my account. Then she said it looks like the last person I talked to locked my account. After some time she was able to get into it and said it has not shipped because I need to agree to the terms etc….. I politely asked her to check that info again as that’s not what I was told. She said she was mistaken and I will receive a tracking number by the end of the day as my item is already at UPS awaiting shipment…..


Its now the end of the day and I have not received a tracking number. No email notifications about my order. Nothing. Seriously I feel like the language gap in the Straighttalk is timer service was easier to deal with and I thought I would never say that! I’m forwarding this information to the Better Business Bureau. I have no idea what’s going on but it’s been almost a week since I’ve started trying to order something and have no idea what’s going on. I don’t know where my order is. I don’t know why it’s so hard to purchase a tablet. I’m really upset about this and concerned and have no way to get any answers…. 

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Hello, thank you for reaching out to us on Social Media! I can definitely assist you today with that order. I regret knowing you've been having this experience. Hopefully we can turn this around. To avoid working with multiple agents, let's get you into the Secure Channel. This will ensure we stay together, and work on resolving this concern. Please click the link below, hope to see you soon!


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The link doesn’t work….