Youtube TV
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Has anyone had any problems with YouTube TV? Do you have to have Fios for it?

I tried to manage my add ons and add Youtube TV but it kept giving me an error. I talked to like 4 different people who basically gave me the link over and over again. HONESTLY__ I might just switch carriers because Verizon has been doing me wrong over time and time. I feel like the running around for YouTube TV broke the camels back.

Re: Youtube TV
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Same thing for me. I spent approximately 15 hours with Verizon customer support over this issue. Each rep comes up with something completely different. All my problems really started after I added Disney Bundle (which was a pain in itself).

With so many issues, no rep seems to have any logical answers, most of time takes so long to get someone, each call, have to explain everything all over (don't they enter call info in a computer?) - I have begun to regret my switch to Verizon. 

I even contacted YouTube TV support. I was informed other issues have been recorded linking accounts with Verizon.

Good luck.