Zagg Screen Protector

When I bought my new iPhone last October, I paid almost $70.00 for a Zagg screen protector. I was told there was a lifetime warranty should anything happen to it. In January, the "guaranteed not to crack" protector did indeed crack. I was informed by Verizon to contact Zagg which I did. I submitted the claim on January 10th, paid the postage/delivery fee and was informed on January 13th that my replacement screen was being shipped via DHL. I didn't realize that DHL used mules to delivery stuff. I still do not have the replacement screen after 7 weeks and every time I check the status of the delivery using the tracking number, it keeps changing. Last week, it was supposed to be delivered by March 3rd. Checking it this morning, it is now going to be delivered on the 8th of March. Hey, maybe 8 weeks could be the charm. 

I will never purchase another Zagg product for any reason whatsoever. 

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Re: Zagg Screen Protector

Yeah, you might want to buy a three pack of screen protectors on Amazon. You’ll pay less than 20 bucks for a three pack and they probably even have the multi packages to go on your camera lens to protect your back camera from getting cracked. 

(I thought people were getting ripped off spending 40 bucks on a screen protector, I can’t believe anyone would spend 70 😳)

i’m pretty sure service providers and places like Best Buy who sell these high priced cases and screen protectors have an extremely high profit margin, and we’re suckers to buy them.