bad service in New Jersey

I have contacted you before regarding this issue and it has not improved.  My phone is fine because it works everywhere else and most gets 4 bars, if not 3.  However in my house, the downstairs gets 1 to 2 and upstairs will get more. It is almost impossible at times to even talk on the phone.  It is not the phone.  I have been told the towers in the area are just fine.  If that is the case, what is the problem.  I am considering another carrier since you have been no help in fixing it.  

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Re: bad service in New Jersey
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I'm sorry to hear about your service experience and that it has not yet improved. I wouldn't be able to function if I had service issues because I rely on my phone every single day, so I can be able to connect to my friends and family. Let's help you figure this out. Does your service improve if you walk outside your house? What services are impacted; text, data, or just phone calls? What is the make and model of your device?