broken insurance

When i bought my new iphone pro max 13, i went online and added insurance. I thought it was on there and didn't think anything else of it... now today my phone broke, and I go to put in a claim only to realize the insurance never got added, even though i made sure to do it... Verizon was able to add the insurance but says I can't put in my claim for 30 days...I don't have another phone to use... is there any way out of waiting the 30 days, since this wasn't an error on my end? 

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Re: broken insurance
Customer Service Rep

Hello, aari90. We are very sorry to hear about any issues you experienced with adding an insurance feature in the past and we're especially sorry to hear about what happened to your phone. The 30-day time frame is put in place to avoid insurance fraud. We do recommend reaching out to Asurion who is our insurance provider to ask about any exceptions that might be able to make. You can reach out to them directly by dialing 1-800-881-2622.