calls constantly dropped and coverage extremely poor
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I have my own iphone 12 mini on a personal account, and a work iphone 8 on my employer's account. I have just moved to a new neighborhood and now they both continuously drop calls. Cell phone coverage as indicated by bars is very poor in the immediate area. I can barely make a call in my apartment, even hanging out the window. I live in a major city, San Francisco, in a central neighborhood. There is no excuse for Verizon to provide this poor a service in the supposed technologic hub of the nation, let alone at all in any metropolitan area.

Re: calls constantly dropped and coverage extremely poor
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We know how important it is to have reliable service, botanybear. We can certainly help you look into this further to see what is causing this problem. Let’s get some additional information. Does service improve at other locations? Also, is Wi-Fi calling enabled on your device? Here’s how to enable Wi-Fi calling: