calls going directly to voicemal

Sporadically, my calls will go immediately to voicemail.  It has happened the last two days.  My phone doesn't even ring.  Yesterday I shut my phone down and started back up and it started working properly again.  This morning it is not working again.  I can text and make outgoing calls myself but incoming aren't working.  I use this phone for work and need to be able to receive my calls in a timely manner and not have them go to voicemail immediately.  Please help.  I have also checked all my settings and they are correct to receive calls.

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Re: calls going directly to voicemal
Customer Service Rep

I completely understand needing your phone to work properly at all times, ppy. Thank you for all the troubleshooting you've already done. 


Let's ensure Call Forward has not been accidentally enabled. To disable it, please dial *73 [send] from your phone. You will hear a confirmation beep, and the call will end. Once you complete this, please see if you can test an incoming call, that does not go straight to your voicemail. 


Please keep us posted.