can’t hear android users on my account when I call them

I am new to Verizon and iPhone, I just purchased the iPhone 11. I activated my phone first and then the following day activated the other four lines an iPhone 7 and 3 androids all on the same account. When I call the 3 androids they can hear me but I can't hear them. If they don't answer I can hear their voicemails. If I call another android I can hear them. If I call the iPhone on the account I can hear them as well. I can hear them if they call me. Stayed on the phone 4 hours with Verizon troubleshooting, we discovered my phone was missing components but after factory resetting it fixed itself. I wasn't able to text one of the androids because it was reading it as an iPhone and sending an iMessage and I didn't even have the option of clicking sms in setting. However after trying several things I still can't hear the other person. They put in a ticket and said it could take up to 72 hours but if they couldn't fix it they would have to send me a new phone. Has anyone had this problem or know of a way it can be fixed.

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Re: can’t hear android users on my account when I call them

I have this same issue.  I can’t hear my grandson on his Android.   We’ve checked every possible setting.  We can text.  He can call ME and we can both hear, but if I call him, he can hear me but I can’t hear him.