canceled devices

I have switched to T-Mobile with 2 phones and phone numbers I had with Verizon. I still owe Verizon for the devices but because I have already switched my phone numbers to T-Mobile I can't access how much I still owe on the devices. My account is still active because I still have a Apple Watch on that account. When I log into my account for Verizon it shows both my phones have been canceled but doesn't show how much I still owe on those phones.

How do I access how much I owe for the 2 devices I have? I don't want to just neglect the payment for  Verizon but I can't pay them off if I don't know how much I owe for the devices. 

Re: canceled devices
Customer Service Rep

I am sorry to learn you recently switched two lines to a different provider, Dalton48. When did you port your numbers to the new provider? Once your next bill generates after porting your number, you will be able to view the final charges for the two lines you ported out as well as the breakdown in charges for the remaining cost of tboth devices.