cannot make or receive calls
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Haven't been able to make or receive calls since Monday morning, spent 45 minutes troubleshooting via text with Verizon. Was determined I needed a replacement.  I told them this was my work phone and I need it to make and receive calls from clients.  Was told by the agent I would have the phone Tuesday by 12pm.  I asked if I could go to a store to get one quicker and  on my text thread he says "you will receive by 12pm Tuesday."  It is now Thursday and I have no phone still and lots of angry clients as I cannot take credit card information via email.  Verizon agents don't care and since I cannot call anyone there is no other way to get someone at Verizon that can actually help.  

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Re: cannot make or receive calls
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Oh, no! This is definitely not the type of experience we want for you. We'd like to have an opportunity to help. We sent you a Private Message to better assist you. - ChristianP_VZW