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certified preowned problems iphone 5s
Enthusiast - Level 1

i bought a cerifed preowned iphone 5s and the headjacks didnt work. after spending an hr on the phone and driving to corporate store, verizon agrreed and sent me "new" certifed preowned iphone 5s #2. tried to active it and would get a blue screen of death. called and and explained problem, verizon agreeed and sent me "new" certifed preowned iphone 5s # 3.tried to active this and got the saame blue screen of death. Why did i spent 350 for 3 broken phones! Latest solution by verizon is to send me a FORTH certified preowned phone. so upset with the products and service by verizon. "new" phone is set to arrive thursday.....have zero hope that this one will be any different at this point!

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Re: certified preowned problems iphone 5s
Customer Service Rep

Reading this saddens me behn11. I too agree, three replacement phones is way too many. We want to makes sure you have a working phone all the time. However, we would need to troubleshoot and see what the culprit is. Does the device activate at all or do you receive this blue screen before the phone activates? By any chance, did you try restoring your new device when you received it? Please keep us updated with your fourth replacement phone if you have any issues.

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Re: certified preowned problems iphone 5s
Enthusiast - Level 1

Every time I have spent HOURS on the phone with tech support

troubleshooting. It's impossible to restore anything when the phones

randomly turn blue and turn off. Doesn't matter if I try setting it up by

iCloud, iTunes or a new phone. I paid way to much money for all of these

issues! Once the rest of the people on my family plan find new carriers (we

are all month to month) , I will be leaving Verizon. Can't believe this


Julia (Harris) Behnfeldt, PhD

On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 9:34 PM, Verizon Wireless Customer Support <