i had believed that i disconnected an old ipad and to come to realize i only suspended it and i was notified once in 2016 that my billing of this ipad would resume. I don't usually go thru my emails in detail and was not aware of this and i dont usually look at my bill in detail so until i asked to remove another tablet was it brought to my attention in 2019. So for almost 3 years i have paid for a tablet that was broken and out of commision. They could see no data was used but did not contact me after the initial time email in 2016. I feel like they are crooks, billing me for 3 years. Yes in part I am to blame because i just pay my bill and don't go over it, but a majority of the time i do this via phone and its not easy to view. When i discussed it over chat they could not do anything, which in my eyes is ridiculous. If i miss a payment or are late they sure get in touch with you. Very disappointed with Verizon.

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I'd also be annoyed to find a tablet still on my account after assuming it was deleted 3 years ago. I'd like to find options to assist you. I know we all are guilty of not reviewing our bill. Please tell me, is there a reason you hadn't reviewed the bill in that length of time? has the iPad been disconnected?



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