collections while on deployment
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I am a very upset service member!

I turned my phone off BEFORE leaving... Before I turned off my phone i upgraded to a new phone. I sent my phone back and still got charged an extra $400 whenever they said i wouldn't owe anything. Noticing this i scrambled to find a way to contact Verizon because i am 14 hours ahead of everyone and they insured me it would be taken care of and apologized saying I only needed to pay for my last bill and that the rest would get knocked off.  It never got taken care of and I've just been paying on it even though i shouldn't have to because no one wants to help. There should be a line that stays open 24/7 for service members overseas or i have to stay up until 1030 at night to take care of a bill that should have been handled. I work 12+ hours a day 6 days a week.... now it's in collections because I trusted it would and its not. 

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