device payoff and promo credits
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I had one month left on my 24 month agreement and was told I had to pay off my phone to qualify for the newest trade in promo (get $1000 credit towards a new iPhone). I asked at the store if qualified and the store employee (at the Boylston St. Verizon Store in Boston) told me I'd just lose any promo credits left which was less than $20. The employee and I obviously didn't understand I'd lose over $1000 in promo credits towards my phone for the last 23 months for paying off early. There was a warning I'd lose my promo credit if I paid off my phone but it was NOT clear this meant all the previous promo credits. I don't even want to upgrade anymore I just want my old deal back so I won't owe for a 2 year old phone. I've had a lot of bad experiences at Verizon recently. I don't even want deals that seem so good when there are these hidden strings. I've paid $2000 towards phone service over the past 2 years for one line so they definitely earned their money towards my "almost free" iPhone 11 Pro from 2 years ago.

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