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I can not believe you people. I switch phones and order a free SIM card from you to activate it, and I pay for express shipping to get it as fast as possible because I need my phone, and you send me a SIM card that won't work on your own network. So I spend all day yesterday trying to get my phone activated somehow with a tech on the phone only to find that you guys need to send me another sim card. So what do you wiseguys do to ice the cake?? You send me a SIM card through the USPS ground 3-5 days shipping option. So now I will be without a phone for almost a week due to Verizon's incompetence. And not only are you people incompetent, you couldn't even overnight that SIM card to me could you. I would think that in the way of an apology for fudging up and sending me a SIM that doesn't work, and that I paid extra for fast shipping for, the very least you could have done would have been to Overnight the replacement SIM to me. But you couldn't do that could you. I'm a brand new customer that just switched over to you guys from a different carrier and this is how you treat people? Well I can only hope that the second SIM card you send works. But now I have to wait 5 days to find out. Well you have inspired me to start looking for another Carrier to switch to. But it is obvious that losing customers is not a big deal to Verizon if they treat brand new customers this way. You guys must be doing very well to dirt on people like this. I just got through making a 100+ dollar first payment to you and I can't even use my phone for another 4 or 5 days. Thanks for the early heads up on what your idea of customer service is. I'm sure that you saved me a lot of future headaches by showing your true colors now. WTG saving that couple of bucks on overnight shipping you pieces of dirt.

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Customer Service Rep

We are sorry to hear about the long wait time for your sim card to be mailed out. Having a new service that you cannot use for service would be a concern for me as well. With regard to the device sim card order you do have the option of getting one at our store location without waiting. You can simply make an appointment at our store location to have one provided to you. Has this been discussed with you?