disappointing customer service with $400 trade in credit

My wife and I decided to leave our carrier, Xfinity, and give Verizon another shot because of their great promotions... especially the trade-in credit. Because of COVID, we had to do everything through chat and UPS. Since we have started service with Verizon we have had to call many, many, times about every piece of the promotion and activation. Problems happen... and I can understand... but ever time we call customer service we are given a different answer... or sometimes even ignored or hung upon.

Our biggest issue is feeling like we have been taken advantage of... We returned through UPS in separate an iPhone 7 and 7 plus, with a promise of $400 each line credit. Both phones were in wonderful working order. when we got the email saying they received the phones they told us that my wife got her credit, but I would only receive $45. When I called customer service... as usual they were very confused about what I was stating... even going as far to state " that you get $400 and an extra $45 for every phone"... and that we knew was incorrect. When I asked for a supervisor I was informed that... and by informed I mean yelled at... that my phone came in with a broken screen, therefore only allowing us the $45. Because I packed the phones myself I know they were both in good working order with no damage. I asked about a possible shipping issue, as we can't go into a Verizon store... The "manager" implied that I was lying, stating that he nor Verizon own UPS. He then told me terms and conditions and told me that there is NOTHING he can do. I asked for pictures of the phone... he said he would email them... He did not... I asked for my phone back and he said NO. 

As new customers, I feel taken advantage of... by a company that could easily make this right and have us as long term, reliable customers.

Because of the lockdown... I am unable to go to a Verizon store and discuss this with management.. I will continue to resolve this... My hope is that someone on this forum can make this situation right. Otherwise, it is my intention to contact my credit card company about fraud... report this situation to any business bureau and hopefully help someone else, and their family, especially difficult time in our lives... not be TAKEN advantage of.

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Re: disappointing customer service with $400 trade in credit
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It's true though, Verizon doesn't own UPS. If something was damaged in transit, you should consider contacting UPS on that one. If a device with a broken screen was received, I don't know what you'd expect a supervisor to do about it.

From how the post reads, this didn't sound like a need. With Covid-19 causing issues in both store hours and shipping carrier's, no one should be getting a new phone unless it is justified and not because shiny.