disney+ bundle with hulu and espn
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I recently upgraded to include the Disney bundle in my service plan. I've successfully subscribed to disney+ and ESPN but I already have an existing Hulu account that is billed through Roku. I have read all of the FAQs on how to get reimbursed for my Hulu subscription on my Verizon bill I just want to know where I can find proof that that is going to happen. Would it be best for me to cancel my Hulu subscription and restart it through the Disney bundle?

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Re: disney+ bundle with hulu and espn
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From the FAQ page, outlined under "I have a Hulu subscription already" once this feature is set up on the account, you will receive a $5.99 monthly credit toward the account for the subscription. I would recommend not cancelling any of your existing services, as losing any saved content from your profile may cause more inconvenience. Here is the link to the FAQ page on our end: https://www.verizon.com/support/disney-bundle-faqs/