do not trade in your phone with verizon

I was talked about getting trade in deal with an agent through verizon chat in may 2021. Everything went well and the deal was made. So I just wait for the trade in kit to arrive and send it back to them. I waited for 2 weeks , but it did not arrive. Then I made a request for it to send again.  A week later, still. Then I made one more request, then  this time 3 arrived at the same time. I picked one of them and sent back to them by the local ups and wait for them to credit 650 for 30 months on each bill. But they only give me 5 dollars instead of 23 dollars as the deal I agreed to. I contacted them in august by chatting at first, then they had me called the trade in department and the guy said it was a mistake and he submitted the correction form for me and said the credit will appear on the next 2 bills. I waited until November and still did not see anything on my bill. I called trade in department and after 1 hour arguing they said they did not receive my phone. after 3 months, I could not track my ups number anymore because they only keep the tracking details up to 3 months. They would have told me in august when I called in. The weird thing is if they don't receive my phone , how can they do the appraisal 150$. Wow. This is unethical business. My advice for everyone, if you do trade in, do it in store. Do not ever send your phone by any carrier service. One more thing, after I asked the lady on the phone: how can you appraise my phone 150 if you lost my phone, she just hung up on me. Be careful guys. Dont be a victim like me

Re: do not trade in your phone with verizon
Customer Service Rep

It's important to us that your trade in runs smoothly. Please send us a Private Note so that we can better assist you with your trade in.