eSIM activation delays - iPhone 14 Pro Max
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I've been on the phone / chat with support all morning. I tried to activate my phone using the iPhone setup process, but it did not complete it. I've tried transferring via Bluetooth from my old iPhone (12 Pro Max) and that did not work either. I've tried every online option that I could find, any they either do not do what they say they do, or they result in an error.

What Verizon support told me is that there was a request to activate this phone, and it was "stuck" in the system, and that there was nothing they could do about it, I would just have to wait. 

Well, it's been about 11 hours and I still do not have service. For some reason, my iPhone 12 also lost service for a while, so I was without cell service for a period of time as well. 

This has been my worst experience with a cell phone provider by far. I hear a lot about T Mo being better coverage and price wise, I may just have to make the switch. I pay for continuous coverage, and I expect that when a device gets to me, it's ready to go when I activate it, not when an arbitrary system error requires me to wait an undetermined amount of time.

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We’re you ever able to get this problem resolved?  I’m having the same issue

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 We would be happy to assist you with your concern. Please private message us for further assistance.   *Mabell