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I'm an employee and I switched to verizon in march. I then got laid off so I let my bill pile up (my fault, i know). When i bought the phone, i got an iphone 11, then return/exchanged it within the 14 days so i never got my gift card bc that first device (the new line port which got me the GC) wasnt technically active. i ended up getting the S20. but since that iphone 11 IMEI wasnt active for the required days, i never got it.  Im an employee and CS was telling me they cant do anything but i know verizon is better than that. The CS reps dont even take it seriously.  obviously the DP's are non touchable but its just frustrating because here i am making Verizon money, but they cant even help their own employees out in this time of need? Love working here but it makes me upset that CS has been handing out BICs but cant go above and beyond for an employee who can potentially bring more money in the long run? sorry for ranting, im just frustrated. Its like if its not an easy 1-2-3 sale, they dont care. AND TELESALES are the ones getting paid more now. 

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Working for Verizon doesn't grant you special exceptions. Half off unlimited yes, but that's one of the only major perks a normal customer wouldn't have.

CS has no control of promos or BICs. To assume as such is being silly. If you no longer qualify for something, that's how it goes.