esim and locked iphone 11
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Verizon's support of eSim is a joke.  If your company provides you a Verizon phone, didn't pay for it completely up front, and you try to transfer another line, YOU CANNOT until they unlock it 60 days later.

Verizon locks their phones, preventing you from activating eSIM!  This makes absolutely no sense. Why should they care if you add another line to the phone? If you want a dual SIM phone for this express purpose, don't count on Verizon.

If you have a choice and want to use eSim with a company line, pick a different carrier.

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They started locking phones earlier thus year for 60 days not because they care that you do it but to stop the very rampant identity theft and fraud used to set up accounts or add lines to people's accounts then sell the phones.  It's not related to the phone being paid off, it's that way for all phones they sell paid in full or otherwise.

Phones sold from Apple have no lock which is why I got mine from Apple this year.

I just wish there was a process to get the phone unlocked sooner if you need it to be.