hi, i ordered my phone on the 7th and wanted to do same day shipping so i had set it for the 8th at 7:00pm. i had emails coming in saying that my order was confirmed and my package will be there on the 8th ( yesterday) around 5pm-7pm. around 5:21pm i got an email saying my package was out for delivery and then when 6:59pm rolled around i got an email saying that my package was cancelled and was very confused. i tried calling customer support but they were closed at 7pm . i’m brand new to verizon and just wanted to know more on why they cancelled my package delivery last minute. 

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I know I would be concerned if I had ordered a phone that was seemingly cancelled at the last minute as well, cmarcee6. This is likely at the shippers discretion, but I know I would want some additional details as well. What information does it provide when you review the tracking number online for the shipper?