holidayswitch $200 rebate denial. All requirements met.
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Like many others on here I'm getting the runaround for a rebate, specifically the holidayswitch $200 mastercard.

My initial submission was sent on 12/22/19 meeting all of the requirments below.  The port in request took a little longer than anticipated but that had nothing to do with anything on my end.  The submission has been made 3x. Each time denied for a different reason.  I keep getting bounced back between verizon wireless customer service and the rebate center.  Each time it is resubmitted the agent helping me agrees that the submission looks good and should be honored.  Getting really frustrated. Have spent far too much time between chats and phone calls. Verizon PLEASE honor your rebates.  This is a really poor way to treat longstanding customers.

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Select 4G/5G Smartphones (minimum retail price of $550)
  • New Line Required
  • Port In Required
  • Unlimited Plan Required
  • Consumer Accounts only
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