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My wife and I have 30 GB of hot spot per phone. Is there a way of increasing this to 40 or 50 GB? She is a school teacher and we live in rural area in California. So we need all the hot spot we can get.

We currently have 30 as I mentioned on my XR iphone and her iphone 11. While I do understand, we have unlimited data, I am not satisfied in reaching that slow point at all. it is already enough problems having the fast service offered. Thank you

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Re: hot spot data
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There is no way. It's not meant to be used as home internet, this is why it's limited. Best bet is to find a proper ISP, ask the school to send a mobile hotspot to use or move to somewhere with better options.

Re: hot spot data
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Although it is expensive to do, you can increase your hotspot with Verizon.  I believe it's $35 for an extra 10GB hotspot.  

Btw, I'm sure you know, your phone premium data only gets slowed down if you exceed 50 gb data AND it's a busy time on your nearby towers... otherwise your "normal speed on your phones" will continue as is.