how to set up voice mail iPhone 7+

First,  am senior and just got the new iPhone 7+   When I try to set up VM,  the screen appears and a  keyboard with just numbers.

So I keep putting in 4 #s  but the reply is: try again .....over and over and over.

I don't know what to do,  where to look etc., for help - somehow managed to get here !

Please go slow and easy in your explanation.......I'm 77 yrs young and the tech talk is a bit over my head!!!

Thank You, Cynthia

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Re: how to set up voice mail iPhone 7+
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Congrats on your new phone, Cynthia! We want to make sure you can get your voicemail set up. Here is the link to the steps: If you need to change your voicemail password, this link has those steps for you too:


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