i phone 7 upgrade

My son has a i phone 4s and i went online to upgrade him to i phone 7. There was a offer for $199 for 2 year contract and I accepted it.  However after I placed the order, it said that his monthly access fee will be increased from $20 to $40 !!!! Doing the math, it turned up to be more money than doing the device payment plan (factoring 2 years of monthly overall bill)... I feel scammed... I have been with verizon for more than 10 years... I am on hold with vZ but it take forever for someone to pick up the phone  . I feel so horrible.

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Re: i phone 7 upgrade

Yes, that fact is all over these message boards.  There is little reason to do a contract with the newer plans.   Verizon pushes you toward a device payment, so you had to select it away from the suggestion.  You can still cancel the order.