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iMessage Group Texts with Android Devices not working
Enthusiast - Level 1


For about a year now on two different iPhones (6 and then 7Plus) I have not been able to receive or send group texts when there is ONE user in the group that is a non-iOS phone number. I have done all of the following:

1) Reset Phone

2) Reset Network Settings

3) Updated iOS software and network settings

4) Signed out and back in with my Apple ID on all devices

5) Enabled MMS, SMS, Group messaging

6) Made sure my phone number is included under my Apple ID

7) I've contacted Apple Support - they directed me to Verizon

So... I'm open to any other things I might need to trouble shoot. BTW I was standing next to my son yesterday - he was using his iPhone 7 on Verizon wireless and he sent the group text I cannot send.

Crazy and very frustrating.


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Re: iMessage Group Texts with Android Devices not working
Customer Service Rep


Thanks for checking in with us on the community member forums. We appreciate it. I'm sorry to hear there's been so much hassle with trying to use the group messaging feature on your iPhone. This would definitely be a major inconvenience. It sounds like you've already covered all the bases. If Apple was unable to figure it out, and it works for your son to the same people, I would guess that it's got something to do with the way that person's contact is saved in your phone. If that person had an iPhone in the past but later switched to Android, this could also possibly cause problems, though Apple should have been able to identify and correct that. I would recommend completely deleting that person's contact from your phone and then re-add it, only with the phone number. Don't re-add any email addresses or other information. See if it works this way. Let us know what happens with that. Please also advise us of what exactly happens when you attempt these messages if it still fails(errors, etc).

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Re: iMessage Group Texts with Android Devices not working
Specialist - Level 2

Def sound annoying. I've been an iOS and Android users for many years. My main phone is an iPhone 7 and I routinely send group messages including to all iOS devices with 1 Android user (my Father in law).

Is the 1 Android user in the message thread a Verizon user? I ask because I've seen that be an issue in the past say if that person had another carrier.

Have you tried to delete the thread and start a new message thread with all the same receipants? It is at least worth a shot. If your able to send a text to that 1 person individualy and it goes through fine I'm not sure why it wouldn't work if you sent the message to all people at the same time.

Also, are you and your son sharing an Apple or iTunes ID? That shouldn't be the issue but I always suggest to peopel to use their own Apple ID / iTunes account. I know so many people that still share and there really is no need to any longer.