iPad Promotion
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After 1 1/2 months of fighting with Verizon trying to get a trade-in canceled so I can place a new order, I was finally able to place a new order. However, I placed the order on the phone with a supervisor and didn't realize that there was another promotion available to me: $250 off an iPad with the purchase of an iPhone. 

I have purchased the iPhone and would like to utilize the promotion for $250 off an iPad (9th Generation) 256 gb in Space Gray. It's not possible to do this through online ordering because I've already placed the phone order.

Before anyone suggests this, I will not cancel the previous order and reorder, because the last time I canceled an order it took 1 1/2 months to cancel the trade-in before I could place a new order.

Is it possible for a Verizon employee to manually credit my account for this promotion? I clearly met the qualifications, I just was not aware that I was eligible at the time the order was placed. I don't think it's fair to disqualify me from the promotion based on the technical challenges alone.






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