iPhone 11 Pro Conference Calling Failure on Verizon's Network

My phone is a new iPhone 11 Pro. When I first got my phone and activated it on Verizon, I could not conference two phone calls. I called Verizon, and they fixed it! I could conference 2, 3, or 4 calls without issue.

Now, after 3 months, the issue has returned. When you hit the + sign, you can call the second line without issue and talk. When you hit the merge button, the second line goes dead (quiet), then drops, and the first line goes on hold. Then the second line state "call failed." Then you are left holding a worthless brick in your hand, talking to nobody except yourself.

Sure wish this 1980's "call conferencing" feature would work on the alleged "best network" and badest phone on the planet. My Brother, I convinced to go to Verizon has the same problem. Does anyone have advice on how to get this 1980's feature working? 

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