iPhone 11 Pro Max in Cabo
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My daughter is in Cabo this week with friends for spring break.  None of the Verizon iPhones are receiving any signal,,, the ones with ATT and T-Mobile are all working fine...  I've had her enable data roaming, change the voice/data from LTE to 3G and back, each time turning the phone off for 4-5 min and then back on.  Still getting the 4 dots for no signal...  Travel Pass is enabled on all our phones, VZW sold me a prorated $40 international plan instead of the $100 monthly fee, said it should work now... Still doesn't...  Anyone have successfully made this work,, or have suggestions on a fix?  Thanks

Re: iPhone 11 Pro Max in Cabo
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This seems to be a common complaint and incredibly frustrating!

VERIZON, you say that you have good coverage in Cabo, yet NO ONE is connecting!

How far up the chain of command does this need to go to get resolution??

Re: iPhone 11 Pro Max in Cabo
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We understand how important it is to stay connected, especially while traveling. Have you attempted to manually connect to the roaming carrier while in this area?