iPhone 11 Thanksgiving / Black Friday 2019 trade-in $400 scam

New variation on the $400 iPhone Thanksgiving / Black Friday 2019 scam.

Bought iPhone 11 on Black Friday.  Gave iPhone 11 as a Xmas gift.  Traded in old phone and Verizon acknowledges it was received on 2/24/2020.  How much credit?  $20.

I request the missing $380 and am told via online chat that the trade-in had to occur within 30 days of the purchase.  

Wrong.  Obviously, that would have been before Xmas.  No deadline was stated in the offer.

"Floor manager" for online chat reviewed it and . . .

I just checked and found that we will not be able to get the $400 credit, but I can raise an escalation for $200 credit as iPhone 5S is a lower tier device for a trade in
"On Thanksgiving Day, the carrier is giving $400 off the purchase of a new iPhone when you upgrade and trade in an older phone. Phones eligible for the $400 discount include the iPhone 5S . . ."  I know, I checked before I bought.
Help Verizon customer service fairies . . .
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