iPhone 11 doesn’t work in home.yes WiFi calling on.emails do not push need credit for Android purchase.virus positive.iPhone going kill me

Purchase in Jan 2020 iPhone 11 

4 hours at iPhone they could not get emails to push thru

Could not tell me way data was running rampant to using 1 gig a day to 6 a month

So they restored 

Was Android user

Gave it the 4 weeks they said it would work out 

Doesnt work upstairs at all

downstairs is at least 13 drop minimum a day

can not prompt calls Can not use prompts push 1,2,3 etc.

 no red end call on prompt calls has run thru entire recording

Emails do not push thru

doctor emailed 845 am push thru 500 pm it almost cost me my life 

had I not ended prescription on my own that morningI would of ended in Ed again

data is at 6 gigs used 

For years never past 2 gigs this is a glitch in iPhone 11 

iPhone in a emergency did not work at all

i could not say good bye in emergency room

if I would died from virus I didn’t get to tell them I love them

Now 2nd person sick. This  iPhone 11 plus may cost them their lives

i live highest point in county

most providers only work outside

Android works 

I purchase phone thru Best Buy thru verizon

i talk to iPhone ,Verizon to return and credit my account I will then buy android 10 plus for same money

so Verizon is not losing

Iphone and Verizon how about some compassion 

save a life here

or if dying could be a last good bye 

your get the same money 

Please up I’m begging 

Iphone does not work in my home 

I can’t take the time for you exchange to see if exchange for iPhone will work 

someone could die or if it doesn’t work 

while we have the virus 

please exchange 

Or Android come to my Aid here

Someone please

Different times now 


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