iPhone 11 pro max activation

My transfer seems to be taking forever (from iphone 8 plus to iphone 11 pro max).Will Verizon store perform this for me at the store or because I bought it directly from apple will they tell me to go pound salt?It seems to be taking forever..Apple told me don't change sim card until the data is transfered to the new phone so now I am mixed up..

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Re: iPhone 11 pro max activation
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Is this a port from a different carrier or you just swapped phones? It won't hurt to visit or call Verizon to see if there is something they need to do on their end especially is it's just a phone swap. I had to call to get them to correct the device ID in their system so one of my iPhone 11 Pro Max devices would activate on their system...and had to do it about a week later on the one I use after I briefly took the SIM card out and put it in my old iPhone to complete a process I needed to do. Appears to be an issue with Verizon systems getting confused very easily for some reason (shouldn't cause an issue to do a simple SIM card swap to another device but it seems to wreck havoc at times for some reason)