iPhone 11

I have a iPhone 11 “post pay” account and have been a loyal customer for over 20 years. Since October ‘19 I have been through 3 new iPhone 11 phones. My ex coworker stole my personal information. Bought a “prepaid” on my account to control my calls, messages and iCloud. I’ve called Verizon over 30 times, visiting store over 20 times, visited Apple over 6 times with both pointing the finger at each other. I have canceled my account after changing passwords, changing phone numbers, taking my son off my account, seeing changes to my account that I didn’t do, charges to my account that I didn’t do and Verizon could not explain, had multiple receipts from Verizon from a prepaid phone that was added back in October 2019, had Sim sent to me from Verizon with my old number on the box that I had changed 4 months prior and wanted me to sign a device agreement for the new phone number I already had and NO one from Verizon could answer. I already told them the problem and it’s been 5 months it’s still happening with them. My ex coworker also has Verizon when I told her I knew what she was doing the problems got worse like I’ve explained. I’ve contacted the fraud department and sent a form in and I’ve not heard anything. I have also bought the digital security through Verizon which showed that someone else owned my new number on my account. Now I have another IPhone 11 in my husbands name and the same problem is happening! I should have never went with Verizon again wit the customer service I have received the past months and no one wants to get to the bottom of this is very disappointing as a 20 plus customer.

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