iPhone 12 Pro Max backorder

Ordered phone on October 3rd and and during the process it said ships by oct 29 but email receipt is saying delivers by October 29th. Which one of these should I go by as the tracking has not moved past the “ordered” stage and I may not be in town depending on the day it ships. Has anyone had this show up, and is the date accurate at all in terms of delivery?

Re: iPhone 12 Pro Max backorder
Customer Service Rep

@sunnypersaud65 ,

It's great to know that you have been checking your order details. When it comes to an estimated ship date, that date is subject to change based on when more inventory is provided, so until an actual tracking number is involved, any dates you see are meant to be taken as an estimate from that point in time with your purchase. Your phone will be sent based on the shipping speed you had selected, so if using the default 2-business day shipping speed there would be adequate time to determine when your phone will be expected to arrive. -Russell