iPhone 12 Pro order cancelled 4 times even after fraud clearance

First order placed Oct 16th for 2 phones.  Order cancelled.  No contact attempted by fraud team.  2nd order placed Oct 24th.  Order cancelled even after fraud team engaged while placing the order.  3rd order place Nov 16th.  Fraud team engaged while placing the order along with. Supervisor.  Order cancelled.  4th order place Nov 24th with fraud team engaged.  Order cancelled on Nov 28th.  Spoke with a fraud Supervisor again who assured me one order went through.  He also told me to call telesales in the am to re place the other phone order that was cancelled.  He then called me back after our call was cut off to tell me both orders had cleared and that I should call telesales sales in the am to confirm.  I’ve now spent over 6 hours trying to resolve.  Another call this am for an additional 1hr45minutes to -lace the second phone order for the 5th time.  Sales, internet support and fraud all engaged.  No mention of waiving the activation fee, which had been waived the last three times.  No mention of doing anything to compensate me for my time or trouble.  Verizon, I’ve been a loyal customer for 14 years with 5 devices on my account.  The last 2 years have had miserable customer service.   I had to ask for the fee to be waived.  I had to ask for compensation.  So now I will supposedly receive a call from a Supervisor tomorrow.  More time on the phone that I don’t have.  I run a business and have done all of this in my personal time.  While everyone I’ve spoken to has been professional and helpful, the results are dismal.  Fix your system.  If I could easily switch carriers, I would.  You’ve had multiple opportunities to keep me satisfied and have done nothing to do just that. 

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