iPhone 12 ProMax still on back order!
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I can’t believe that the iPhone I ordered nearly a month ago is still back ordered. When I try to check the status on the app it is a joke just like the digital assistant and gives a ship date that has already passed. I even called Customer Service the other day to speak to a human with the hopes that they might be able to provide some idea of when the phone will ship... they were even less helpful. I have been a customer of Verizon for 16 years and am actually considering moving to another provider. The phone was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my daughter... Now what can she open, an empty box with a note inside that says “yay, you got the phone you have been asking for for years now, but I have no clue when it will actually be here. Sorry!” Thanks Verizon. Another extremely dissatisfied customer. 

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Re: iPhone 12 ProMax still on back order!
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You ordered a phone that was being fulfilled by Apple when everyone knows Apple launches are always like this. That's on your choice of phone, not your carrier. If the shipping date passed, you could have cancelled the order and ordered somewhere with available stock

Be thankful you can even blow money on a new iPhone when millions of Americans aren't going to have a nice dinner tomorrow evening. Next time don't buy something on launch and wait till stock is more normal before you purchase.