iPhone 13 Call Quality vs AT&T
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I switched to Verizon yesterday from AT&T and I got the exact same iPhone 13 Pro Max I had with AT&T , I feel as if the call quality over 5G and LTE sounds a lot different and not as clear as my AT&T phone . It’s not bad but it sounds like my old Xs Max, which doesn’t have the crisper, clearer receiver like the iPhone 12 and 13 does . Any thoughts ? Maybe AT&T just has better call quality than Verizon ? I’ve tested it between yesterday and today in different locations where I’ve had excellent 5G strength , and where coverage maps claim to have perfect call quality for Verizon . I only get two-three bars  at my house , but everywhere It just doesn’t sound as clear as AT&T’s calls were . Any thoughts? 

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