iPhone 13: Camera Unknown part notification/ I think I got some a refurbished phone as NEW
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I ordered the new iPhone 13 pro max, it was on back order and I finally got one shipped 12/3.

about a week ago I got a notification that the camera has an “unknown part”, no big deal - camera was acting normal

then 2 days ago, it wouldn’t zoom out to .05

now it will only zoom to 1x

I went to the apple store and they said that whatever part the camera was replaced with wasn’t authentic and they referred me back to Verizon

I started reading up on it and the IOS 15.2 added a “parts and history” service and mine had it even though it was supposed to be a BRAND NEW PHONE ordered directly from Verizon

which could only mean the sold me a refurbished phone

Has anyone ran into this before?

I went in to the Verizon store and they said they have no phones in stock so I had to call the 800 number.

the 800 number they gave me doesn’t work so I had to go back again so they can get someone to call me back

I have been on hold for about an hour and 12 minutes because they tried to send me to Assurion for a replacement phone that IS AGAIN refurbished.

no thank you, I want a brand new phone.

I need help!!! 

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