iPhone 13 Pre Order Purgatory
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I don’t think I’ve been this frustrated with with a service company in my life. I preordered 2 iPhone 13 pro max phones on the morning of the 18th with a Verizon rep. The rep said everything went through and my preorder was completed. We were excited that we were given the full $1000. for our upgrades and we were given a 10/28 shipping date. Well that was short lived. Shortly after I hung up with the agent, there was a error message that said  my order was on hold until I completed the Terms & Conditions. After 2 days and evenings online with 8 or 9 different people and then on phone being transferred between 4 departments and bounced around like a beach ball because NO ONE could figure out how to fix it.  They suggested that they cancel my order and assured me that I would still receive the full $1000. promotional fee and my ship date would not change. I agreed.  

While going radio silent while texting with them about the re-order, another agent popped up and assured me SHE could place the order.  I texted her EXACTLY the iPhones I wanted to order, 13 pro max, color, GB etc.  Again confirmed my order blah, blah,blah..Yep!! You guessed it!  She ordered the wrong dang phones!!   I texted them on the secured messaging portal because I waited on hold for someone to answer for over 30 mins.  

An agent finally connected with me and again she was able to cancel my second order. Again, reassuring me all the same terms AND for my trouble she was waving the one time $35 fee per phone charge. She put all together, I confirmed everything and she hit the submit a new order….NOTHING…. By this time it’s 8:30 pm on day 3. She said she would work with her supervisor on this and call me the next afternoon. 

Day 4….no call. I reached out again through the portal got the phone number of they’re “escalated sales department.  This agent begins my order and then tells me I’m only receiving $800 per phone AND my ship date isn’t until 10/15 due to my order not being submitted early. Seriously?????  I should of canceled my order and my account at that moment but I was so frustrated, I tired and angry that I just wanted to get off the phone before I said something mean. 

I do think Verizon needs to train there agent better and have then all on the same system so they are able to troubleshoot and fix customer account issues instead of having 20+ people being involved. I can only say that I pray these phones are everything they are supposed to be so I don’t have to deal with any customer service problems for another 2 years

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Re: iPhone 13 Pre Order Purgatory

Yes, I have been trying to upgrade to iPhone 13 since June 23. A hopeless cause. I better stick to my Verizon Alcatel Go Flip V or go to the more series vendor, AT&T.

Re: iPhone 13 Pre Order Purgatory
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Good day! You have your eyes on a fabulous device (https://www.verizon.com/smartphones/apple-iphone-13/) and we want you to get it, joel391. What specific error do you get if you try to place your order at this link (https://m.vzw.com/m/hxhv)?


We want you to have an excellent experience, and we are happy to check on any errors for you so that you can place your order. -Antonio