iPhone 13 Pro Max Preorder Tragedy
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I ordered an iPhone 13 pro max on September 20. At the time of the order Verizon told me that the estimated delivery time is October 1. Then I contacted them yesterday morning and asked for an update. The representative who I was chatting with said the shipping date is October 1. I told her to cancel my order. But she assured me I will receive the phone by Tuesday the 5th.

Then I got an email yesterday afternoon saying the new estimated shipping date is October 8. I tried to speak with Verizon no one picked up my call. They kept me on hold for an hour and.

Not sure why I am still with Verizon. Looks like the time has come.

Re: iPhone 13 Pro Max Preorder Tragedy
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Hello, rt1515. We're very sorry to hear about any trouble that you've experienced with getting in contact with us in the past and for any unexpected changes that occurred regarding the shipping status of your iPhone 13 Pro Max device. We understand how exciting it can be to get a new device. Shipping times are subject to change as they are based on our inventory and the scheduling of the shipping company. This is true for all pre-orders and we appreciate your patience while we do everything that we can to ensure that you receive your order as soon as possible. You will receive an email with the tracking information for your order once the order has shipped. -Brett

Re: iPhone 13 Pro Max Preorder Tragedy
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I have been with Verizon before they were Verizon in my area . Over 23 years . They can skrew up a order faster than any one . What's bad is some of their customer service is terrible but there is those that care about your order and know how to use the resources to get you info.  What's bad is I saw my confirmation number turn into a order this week and back to a confirmation number . And I know of 6 people that ordered on the 29th I ordered on the 27th and they got their yesterday. I'm just impatient . But it's like this every year every iPhone .